Thursday, 27 January 2011

How was School???

It has only been the 27th day of school and I have started to dislike some of the teachers. I got a scolding from a teacher when I did not do anything at all. That teacher is now on my "Hate this Teacher List". My class is super noisy and thankfully... I am not the shortest in my class! YAY!! On the 1st day of school, I did not expect to make so many friends! They even asked me if I wanted to join them for recess.

I wanted to be a class monitor, but I ended up being a science monitor.... :( But it's not the end of the world. I have to do a science experiment with Dannielle (another science monitor in my class) for the p1 to p6. It is quite exciting actually...

Finally, I am gonna go for my first field trip in 3 years WITH the school. I hope it will go very well. More to come soon.. :D

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Skiing in Hokkaido

With our skis and boots, we climbed onto the bus to Sapporo Kokusai where we were going to ski! I was so excited, because this was the very first time I skied.

Our instructor taught us how to put on our skis; they were very hard to put on. I took about 10 minutes to put them on! The best part about skiing is skiing down the slope; it's so fun! The hardest part of skiing is climbing the hill; it was sooo tiring. But it was still super fun!

After a couple of hours, I felt tired. As we hopped onto the bus back to our hotel, I thought inside my head, "I can't wait to go skiing next time..."

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Revenge Of The Mummy

"Wait for me!" I cried as I tried to catch up with my friends. We nervously hurried through the dark spooky maze to the "Revenge of the Mummy" ride at Universal Studios Sentosa. The lights dimmed further; I gripped on tightly to my sister's hand.

As I settled into the cart, I could feel my heart thumping madly in my chest. I shivered at the sight of the skeletons of hapless explorers and tomb raiders. The Mummy's creepy whispering filled my ears. The Mummy warned us, "You will never find the book of the living. Your souls will be mine for all eternity!" I screamed, " I don't know where the book is! Ahhhhh!!"

I shrieked in horror when four scary ghouls popped out and fire burst out above our heads. We were thrown into twists and turns; I could feel my butt floating off the seat.

Finally the cart came to a stop. I made it out alive! I survived the "Revenge of the Mummy"!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Melaka Competition

"Ah!!! I'm so scared!!" Sampea wailed. Sampea and I were taking part in the Melaka competition. And this was Sampea's very first competition. And you know how she's like when she gets nervous. My friend was also taking part in the competition.

Oh!!! When my mum, Sampea, my friend and I were on the bus.... we took our seats... and began THE 6 HOUR JOUNEY TO MELAKA!!! It was so long, I got so bored! And let me tell you... the toilets there are so gross!! I mean at the immigration. We were staying at Orkid hotel. It was so far away from the stadium, but it was near the high way.

It was the next day.... Time for the competition!!!! My heart was racing but I stayed calm and thought, "just do your best!!". The others did well but the people they fought were so TALL!! Unfair right! Guess What! I had to wait for 12 whole hours to fight!! I was so sleepy! But I did my best!

I won my first round... but lost in the 2nd round. I fought with a tall indian girl with an extra eyeball on her forehead!! Hahaha!! Just kidding. I was happy that I got to improve. Because I got trashed the last time I went to Malaysia. But I think I can do better next time..

Thursday, 3 September 2009


"I still want to live in Amsterdam!" Sampea cried. Ever since we watched 'Passport To Euroupe', we have been asking Mummy and Daddy if we can go to Amsterdam. There's a houseboat, a field full of tulips and a kind of common food you just have to try when you're there. It's a raw fish and you eat it like a penguin, holding the fish above your mouth and gulp it down. But it's raw and I so don't want to eat it!

If I live in Amsterdam.... I will walk in a glorious field of tulips and go cycling seeing the sights. My little sisters also want to live in a houseboat. The interesting things about Amsterdam is the houseboats and the food. My dreamland is Amsterdam!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My Injured Foot

"Ouch! You stepped on my poor foot Sam!" I have limping since Sunday afternoon. When I was in Taekwondo class a girl stepped on my foot and it was so very painful I could not walk properly. At first it was just a bruise, but as the days went by, it became swollen and my fourth toe was blue and purple.

Mummy and I went to the doctor to see if my foot was fractured. "I don't know if it is fractured, you need an x-ray to see," the doctor explained. "I will make an appointment tomorrow at East-shore hospital." The doctor bandaged my foot for protection until I got the x-ray results.

Yesterday, I went to the hospital for the x-ray. We had to wait for an hour to get the results. Luckily, my foot was not fractured. I was relieved! But I still cannot run, skip and go for Taekwondo until my foot is well.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Sense Poem about Norway

I would like to see the rock formations that look like trolls
I would like to hear the trees rustle
I would like to touch the little cottages
I would like to taste the yummy food
I would like to smell the mountain air
Norway is where I want to go!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Mummy's Tummy (a Senryu poem)

Mummy's round tummy
People ask, "Are you pregnant?"
"No I am just fat!"

Friday, 7 August 2009

The Ocean (A Haiku)

Bigger than the sea
The ocean waves blow and sway
Rocking ships and boats

Monday, 27 July 2009

Charlotte and Vendetta (A diamante poem)

                    Polite,  Nice
              Befriending, Helping
     Girls, School, Hamsters, Cartoon
               Scaring, Wrecking
                    Rude, Mean